Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My retarded HLM

I just realized I cannot lump my buddy Brian, (or hippy "Reagan") as we call him in with my other retarded friends. Today he gets his very own celebrity highlite. Perhaps, I may highlight one friend per week just because I do have evidence to suggest they are all fucking morons. Thankfully I'm not friends with myself so I can leave me out of this blog :)

Anyhow, See Reagan:

See Reagan drive:

See Reagan joy ride:

We barely made it thru security gate with this sweet ride...

Ride Reagan Ride

Reagan likes to spend his free time smoking, drinking, and wearing sandals. He does not like long walks on the beach but prefers to get drunk and shoot kittens out of his potato cannon. Reagan's sole purpose in life is to "Reagan Smash" as we like to call it, or in laymans terms, use his hippy sandal feet to kick in doors. For some reason, when he is intoxicated he believes communism is hiding behind every door... then smashes is it only to find 'no communism there'. But all is not lost because his core capitalist values have caused a 150% increase in door frame sales. What can you do to be more like Reagan? Just ask yourself every time you're wasted "WWRD". The answer shall come.

Now, after all this attention I believe Reagan is sleepy... sleep Reagan sleep... for tomorrow you you will continue the art of smashing

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