Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stereotypes: A prophecy from our forefathers

Absolutely nobody saw this comin... not only is he going to steal your chicken, he will break your windows out for it when just opening the door would suffice

Monday, May 24, 2010

Art never looked so good!

I seriously have never seen a work of art that has truly touched my soul such as this piece has. I have even set aside the fact this is a totally naked dude, in all seriousness, when I look at this here's my interpretation:

Somehow an artist in Oslo, Norway ate a bunch of LSD and was looking about 30 years into the future. There, he saw the traumatizing sight of my naked drunk ass wandering to the bathroom at 3:00am in a drunken stupor. Subsequently I don't make it to the bathroom and stepped on a Lego then fell down the stairs. Once I regained my balance and stood up, to find all my little bastard children looking down upon me, I climb up the stairs and this is the result...

This artist is a true visionary. Upon having money I am going to Norway where I will sit and gaze in wonder at this glorious work of art. It has connected with my soul, and punted the bastardous infant. God Bless you Mr. Statue maker guy!

Dick Day and Mr. Dooky

Another few masterpieces only found in the Flint area...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Harley Sportster '48'

Now, I have to admit I'm really torn about this bike. I personally believe Harley hit a home run with this Sporty, its everyhting the nightster is, only it looks better. Now, I also believe this is probably the best bike Harley is currently building with the exception of the Dressers (those are always cool).

But here's my beef with this bike: The front end styling is cool and all, aside from some flashy tank paint and the awesome front tire, its just a sportster. Goin with this retro theme the nightster back half is great and all, but I just think they could have done so much more. I mean that triangular panel that is where the oil tank should be (it may even be an oil tank, I dont know new sportys) just is outta place. Retro front end, retro-ish back end, and this mildly crotch rocket center section to the bike WTF?

Also, trys to look like an old bike but at the end of the day its not. Rubber mounted motor, fuel injection, emissions, quiet pipes, and that fucking goofy midsection of the bike. Honestly Harley, WHY? Did a woman take over the company or something? Since when did you take away the vibrator and add a dildo? Look Harley, if you;re gonna do shit like this and make it look all nifty at least give us riders the option for a carb and solid mounts. Bah...

So my final verdict: I would buy this bike brand new if they:

1. Went back to an all mechanical/ carbureted set up
2. Solid Mount the Motor
3. Offer Chain drive from factory free of charge
4. Alter that goofy midsection to look like an old sportster
5. Reduce the price by a couple grand

Until then, Harley you can blow me. I'll make my old ass sporty look just as cool as that bike, for half the price, and it will have all of the perks mentioned in parts 1-5. Suck on that bitches.

Damn you P-Nut for influencing my bike taste. Had I never met you I could be perfectly happy with that bike lmao

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why college kids shouldn't play with Legos

Honestly I've loved legos my entire life, but one particular course at Kettering almost made me hate them. The idea is we simulate a production line building various products out of legos, and design our work cells accordingly. Well... I personally found something better to do with my time than optimize the imaginary production facility...

Now can you find our little lego pervert in the final presentation pictures presented to our class and professor? It's kind of like where's waldo, but instead of a striped dude with glasses we have a lego man with a boner. It's kind of fun...