Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flint, MI- A City On Fire- Pt 1

Alright, so in the past 2 weeks over 80 houses burnt down in the lovely Flint, MI. I personally think this is a god send, and more of this god forsaken shithole of a city needs to burn to the mother fucking ground.

Some may think my language is uncalled for~ and to you I say "VISIT FLINT MI, IF YOU DONT AGREE THIS PIECE OF SHIT NEEDS TO BURN I'LL BURN MY OWN GOD DAMN HOUSE DOWN" actually I wont because that could have legal implications... but I will remove that attactive sign seen above from my stoop. Then arsonists will burn my shit down and I'm off the hook and can spend my legal retainer cash on more booze.

I will follow up on this post with many more highlighting the best aspects of this beautiful urban metropolis. Stay Classy Flint, MI

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