Monday, May 24, 2010

Art never looked so good!

I seriously have never seen a work of art that has truly touched my soul such as this piece has. I have even set aside the fact this is a totally naked dude, in all seriousness, when I look at this here's my interpretation:

Somehow an artist in Oslo, Norway ate a bunch of LSD and was looking about 30 years into the future. There, he saw the traumatizing sight of my naked drunk ass wandering to the bathroom at 3:00am in a drunken stupor. Subsequently I don't make it to the bathroom and stepped on a Lego then fell down the stairs. Once I regained my balance and stood up, to find all my little bastard children looking down upon me, I climb up the stairs and this is the result...

This artist is a true visionary. Upon having money I am going to Norway where I will sit and gaze in wonder at this glorious work of art. It has connected with my soul, and punted the bastardous infant. God Bless you Mr. Statue maker guy!

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